Asbestos Management

If we decide to leave in place ACMs or presumed ACMs that are in good condition, make sure it is on your record and keep this information up to date.

You must make sure that everyone who needs to know about the asbestos is told about its presence, eg maintenance workers, contractors. You can label ACMs clearly with the asbestos warning sign or use some other warning system (for example colour coding).

If you decide not to label the asbestos, you need to make sure that those who might work on the material know that it contains or may contain asbestos, before they start work, eg when you ask for a quote for a job. You can then agree the precautions necessary to prevent exposure.

It can save time and prevent confusion if you make a note of the location of non-asbestos material, which could be mistaken for asbestos.

To carry out an asbestos management plan based on the survey carried out; this will allow the duty manager, or indeed us to manage the asbestos within your buildings.

Your positive inspection points will need to be closely monitored.  As part of the service we are able to re-inspect and update your management plans at the suggested time intervals.  Also, if necessary we can project manage any remedial or removal work that you require. We will carry out yearly inspections to suit your needs. The asbestos register is a “living document” and therefore the management plan is ever evolving.  Our inspection service is designed to help you comply with the regulation, and to provide you with complete peace of mind that your management plans have been updated by a professional asbestos surveyor who holds the statutory industry qualifications of P402 and P405.